Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gaga part two

My best friend Lauren just had her 22nd birthday, she had a Lady Gaga themed birthday party. Everyone had to come dressed as Gaga or else. I'm crazy for anything themed, my costume idea came from something I saw her wear at her show. It was this huge flowy marshmellowy costume that she danced around in all over the stage and looked ridiculous in of course.

Lauren's birthday card I made for her.

Part of inside the card.

The design sketch for the outfit.

My costume designer hard at work.

Early fitting.

Lauren making her costume.

Lauren's mini me, Shelby, trying on my wig.

Shelby with Lauren's wig on.

I stole this pic from Lauren, us getting ready.

Lauren putting the finishing touches on.

Us rocking our outfits!

Blowing out her candle from a vegan cake.

I got her a baby bigfoot.

Lovin' my card I made her.

Katie and I.

Reason number 999 I should not go blonde....

Bailey, me, and Lauren.

22nd birthday!!!

Bestie Gagas!

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