Thursday, August 5, 2010

My first running medal!!

I have officially won my first running medal!!! I ran the Glen's run, an 8K. I wasn't even sure I could finish the race because I didn't get in much training during the week because I had been working 10 or more hours per day. I had only ever ran a 5K. While there I met one of my friends from, Robin R. She was so awesome and encouraging with each kilometer we reached. She was with me up until the 5th kilometer then she decided to walk it. My goal was to finish within an hour and I completed it in 59 minutes. My mom, my sister Sarah, and husband Andy were there to cheer me on. We were about to leave and they started to announce winners and literally just after I said "Lets just go home I didn't win anything anyway." they called my name "Casey Huggins!!!". I screamed and ran up there to get my medal. I won first in my age group 20-24 and I also won third in my weight class. The feeling I had finishing the race without stopping was amazing but getting a medal when I didn't expect it was incredible, I literally had a "runners high" all day. 

Thats me with the blue shorts in the back. You can see me if you squint your eyes just right.

Apparently this is what went on when I was running.

Embarrassing picture of my sister, Sarah. 

My mom, the professional texter. It was her birthday that day and she woke up at six in the morning to come see me :) .

This is me mid run!

Leif came too, he had pollen all on his eyebrows.

Crossing the finish line!

Robin and I after the run!

I won a medal!!

Its legit!

Me, Sarah, and Mom.