Monday, August 2, 2010

Gaga part one

We went to Oklahoma city to see Lady Gaga at the Ford center. I feel like you either love her or hate her, I adore her personally. We couldn't actually take pictures inside so here is some before the show. We showed up at 3pm, the concert started at 8pm, there was already a line wrapped around the building! There were a billion drag queens and just all together look - alikes, it was so great. Her show was fantastic, the best show I've been to and worth it. 

Funny picture of Andy's hair.

The woman who took this picture was a precious little old lady who said "Oh I just love makin' memories!"

I met Lady Gaga!!

Waiting in line with this thing...

Gaga in line

Gaga at the merch booth

Us inside the show

Drunk tranny Gaga

Madness after the show

Craziness after the show, everyone was singing in the streets!


  1. I'm in the love her bunch, Tina's in the hate her bunch. Possible that hate is too strong, but it's the options you laid out.

  2. sweet pics. i like your dress honey ;)) kiss