Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quarter marathon here I come!

  Today is the day I'm at my lowest weight I've been in in two years! I've been doing so good running consistently. I've also been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, which I love. Along with my fitbook, which helps me track my food and fitness. 

  I've been wanting a race to work towards and I think I've finally found one! Its the Williams Route 66 Quarter marathon on August 7th. I think its an achievable goal to work towards. I'm really excited because you get a medal at the end of the race! :D I've been seeing everyone and their medals on and have been so jealous, now I will have one for myself!  They also have the Williams Route 66 Marathon and half marathon in November, I am considering working towards the half marathon but that will come later. 


  1. Great job with the weight loss and finding a race! Medals are fun, I'd always rather have one than a shirt.

  2. Congrats! Two and a half months should be enough training given that you've been building up more and more right? Good luck!

  3. You finally blogged!

    I check like every day to see!!!