Monday, May 3, 2010

Last week in Owasso

This is our last week in Owasso! 

We haven't even started packing and we move out on Saturday! I am crazily excited! It is kind of bittersweet because we will be leaving Andy's grandparents. They have been so kind to let us into their home and help us get on our feet. We are just really ready to feel married. 

Andy is really wanting to get a dog. I can't believe I just said that. My crazy cat lover of a husband won't stop talking about dogs, reading a dog book, and buying new things for his dog. We are getting his dog from the Tulsa spca this Saturday.  He is a Schipperke, I've never heard of that breed before. He is very cute and precious. I'm not sure Andy quite knows what were getting into here. I have told him it is like a baby with lots of needs. He has assured me everything will be wonderful with his dog. His love for this dog started when we made a lunch stop by Whole Foods in Tulsa. There was this huge Tulsa spca bus with cats on board and workers walking dogs around. All of the dogs had little bandannas that "Adopt me".  Once Andy spotted the dog it was all over. 

This is Andy's future best friend.

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