Monday, June 21, 2010

Golden Girls Tulsa edition

 I just got back from running and was stopped by the senior busy body ladies in my apartment complex who wanted to meet our dog Leif. There are three of them and they know everything about EVERYONE in our complex.They are sweet and obsessed with their dogs. One of them happens to live diagonal to us, her name is Ivy.  They all sit at one of their porches each afternoon and watch everyone. One of the ladies, Kathrine, says she walks around the complex once an hour or so just to check up on everyone. When we were moving in they all were there asking our families all sorts of questions and then just watched. I am thankful I live in a community where there are 90% seniors because we hardly ever hear a peep I sort of feel like I should be in a episode of Golden Girls or something. I know they mean well, even Ivy loves to come out and admire my garden work, and I know if I ever needed anything I could call on them.

You know you know all the words!


  1. I'm so jealous that you live with the Golden Girls. BETTY!!!

  2. Funny, a few little old ladies presence can make you feel safer. Sweet irony.