Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day!

A very happy Valentines day to you. For Valentines day I got a pink old school Schwinn bicycle. Andy cannot keep secrets at all, I guessed it about a week ago. I rode it around yesterday a little bit but today we woke up to snow :(. I want to get a cute little basket for it! The pictures look pretty awful because I took them with my phone. 

I got Andy a customized Lego set. On the Lego website you can download some software to design your own Lego set and design your own box. 

Again, the picture doesn't look that good because I took it with my phone. My camera battery is dead.

Andy has to work until 5:30ish so were planning to do stuff tonight. I really want to see that new movie Valentines Day. 


  1. I'm so jealous! That pink bike is so cute!!

    I would still have mine if I wouldn't have left it at Jeremy's. :(

  2. Your bike is SOOOO LEGIT! I want you to have a basket and a little bell on the handle that you can ring and go "ching-ching" when you're pulling in the driveway! I officially want one now! AHHH!