Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This year's goals
Continue improving my cooking skill.
    Since moving into our apartment last year I've been working on learning to cook. With the help of Pinterest and the endless recipes at my hands I have become quite the little chef (at least in my husband's eyes). I love having dinner ready when he comes home with all of us at the table. Lady actually listens to our conversations and chimes in jabbering in her tiny voice.
Get involved with a moms group
    I would love to meet up with other mamas near us. I know there are several groups that meet up throughout the year and as it gets warmer I think I'll try to reach out.
Run a half marathon
   My goal is to run the Joplin memorial run in May in honor of the tornado victims. I think it is a doable goal with enough time to train. I put off doing any big runs since giving birth but I think now is the time to kick myself in the butt and get on the healthy track again. I'm excited to get back out in the race world again!
Post on my blog more often
   I would like to start writing on here at least once a month. I'm a giant procrastinator with all of these ideas in my head but never actually get around to doing it (it took me 'til the 22nd to write on here). I enjoy writing my thoughts out here, having a place to unwind is really nice.

2013 was honestly the best year in my life so far and I'm sure plenty of people say that but it really was so so good. I hope 2014 is just as good, bring on the memories!

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