Sunday, November 14, 2010

The puppy club

 I think I wrote about some ladies in my apartment complex a couple of months ago and I had named them the Golden girls. Well apparently I had this very wrong. One day I was walking back to my apartment from a run and one of the ladies came up to me and said "Hey! Would you like to come visit with us around six tonight? Don't forget your dog!" It was barely even a question, basically just a given that I would come. Well I ended up going and they literally said that they had been watching me for sometime and had decided they would invite me to come join their club, invite only of course. They call themselves the puppy club and meet every evening and discuss everything possible. They said they only had one rule and that was that there was no rules and that we can bring up any topic. They all have dogs and are all over the age of 60, except for me at the age of 22. There are four main members and some older ladies that come every once in awhile. I went from laughing a joking about them and their gossiping about our neighbors and the ongoings of our neighborhood to joining them and falling in love with each of them. I meet with them when I can because I usually work late but they are so kind and wonderful. 

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  1. Found your blog via DailyMile. I love this post! Its like Ya Ya Sisterhood! That is such a great experience, and a wonderful story you can share with your kids. I love it!