Friday, March 26, 2010

March Update!!

It is so strange that all of a sudden I am finally getting jobs after being at this branch since June of last year. It could be due to the fact that one of the office workers that dished out the jobs has changed positions. THANK GOD!  I'm getting more and more jobs and as exhausted as I feel I did miss this feeling because at the end of the week it meant extra cash. I'm so ready to start working more and more. Bring it on! 

 Here is a little peek at my St. Patties day fun!

Make an England face!

I think he just got a strike.

Me and Mr. Gott.

Blowing out his fake birthday cake.

The best!

Also the possibility of us moving out is actually becoming a reality! It feels so weird but exciting! I know it is going to be ten times harder living on our own but I'm excited to actually start our marriage together living on our own. Andy wants to move during the summer but I am ready like right this instant. I just feel suffocated here. I think we'll wait until summer. Were already collecting furniture and looking at places to live! Just thinking about it is fun for right now because I know it is so close!

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